Distribution in Germany
On the right you see a geographical representation from telephone connections of the name Scheyer in 2002.

In my search and research on the Internet I have always come across new and different information about Scheyer. In and around Kandern, Baden you will find information about the Scheyer over several centuries. The church records from Kandern were recorded by the IGI, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Entries can be found back to 1558.

The number of entries suggest that the cradle of Scheyer must have oringnated here. There is also an accumulation of Scheyer in Frankfurt who are mainly of Jewish confession.
Furthermore in the border area between France and Germany along the Mosel river is a collection of historical data, also in Alsace-Lorraine.

And do not forget the Westerwald.
This is currently the main area of my research.

From the records of the miner Ernst Scheyer I know that he moved from the Westerwald to the city of Essen. There he married his wife, who incidentally also came from the Westerwald. They had two children in Altessen.
From Essen he moved to Alsace-Lorraine. He worked there as miner as well and had two more children. The family went back to Essen and later emigrated to Mexico and moved from there to El Paso, Texas.

If you now look at the places listed for the name Scheyer you will find them .
In Essen, for example, in an obituary from 2010 for a Franz Scheyer.

It is obvious that some Scheyer's have also moved .