Scheyer in the area of Westerwald (Western Forest) (the Westerwald on wikipedia)

In the course of my research I heard a myth that three brothers Scheyer, all blacksmiths from the Bavarian trade , came to the Westerwald. One of these is said to have found his treasure, the other two moved on. ....

My oldest direct ancestors are all from the region of Nordhofen, Viehlbach, Mausmühle. From here the spreading out had taken place over the Westerwald. Today you can find the families in the area of Hachenburg, Dierdorf, Alsbach. I assume that we are all related to each other. But hopefully my research show this.
For advice and information I am grateful every time.

The oldest dated Scheyer is Johann Christ (or Christian) born 28.07.1743 in Selters, he got married on 14.8.1767 to Anna Marie Schnug from Quirnbach.
My oldest documented evidence is John Peter Scheyer born 16.02.1819 in Quirnbach, he is a grandson of Johan Christian. John Peter and his wife Anna Katherina Staube married 12.10.1804 and had six children. Of these I only know one.

Near Ransbach Baumbach is a mill named Scheyer-Mühle, but at this time I’m not able to produce a reference to this location.

In the IGI data you can find Scheyer near the area Westerwald. There is a church book entry in Tahlhausen. The marriage of a William Scheyer with Anna Gertrude Franz. They had two sons John and John Thiel. Their descendants are found in the church books of Anhausen.

In the church records of Urmitz on the river Rhein, you find more information about a clan elder Scheyer. In the IGI data unfortunately only female births have been recorded. A Mary Scheyer from Urmitz marries a Peter Yawer in Mogendorf, Westerwald.

I expect that John Scheyer, the oldest Scheyer of the Westerwald, might come from there.

This is just a guess.

Marc-Andre Scheyer in August 2011