Scheyer's, where do they come from?

The first guess of course, is to consider the place Scheyern in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria.

In the 90's Rolf Scheyer asked the resident Benedictine abbey whether there were mentions or records of the name Scheyer. By the way, the monastery is built on the area of the former family seat of the Earl of Scheyern, the ancestors of the Bavarian royal house of Wittelsbach. (

Father Anselm Reichhold responds as follows.
In your letter dated 22 February, I did some research, but unfortunately found hardly any information.

  • The name "Scheyer" - in its pure form – doesn’t occur in areas of the parish Scheyern at any time.
  • In contrast, the modified form was "Scheyerer" or "Scheyrl" sometime in the earlier century.
    Thus we find:
    Between 1613-1657 more than one "Scheyrl" in the villages around Scheyern
    and between 1588-1626 several "Scheyerer". The oldest is probably around 1515, Leonard Scheyrer from Fernhag.
  • in the 18th century, I've found only one person who belonged there, that was Magaretha Scheyrer who was born on 17th of May 1704 in Bogenhausen. She was married at Grainstetten. Under "Bobenhausen" is probably " Probenhausen " meant, where the Scheyern also owned an estate. On the property belonging to the family Scheyern, other families were established. In the 1700's family "Widman" and " Niedermayr " and in the 1800's family "Pichler".
  • Apart from Margaretha "Scheyrer" in the 18 century, in the area of church Scheyern, there were no other people whose name resembled that of "Scheyer".
  • I also took a look at the rest of the area in the District Courts Pfaffenhofen, Schrobenhausen, Aichach and nearby Dachau former possessions, if there is a family "Scheyer" or names which are similar. Unfortunately I could not find anything. Close by is a courtyard, which formerly belonged to the monastery Scheyern, with the House namen "Scheyrer-Bauer". The owners were from 1700 to 1800: Fries, Jungbluth, Lehner, Singer, Schneider and Lang
  • To the origin of the name "Scheyern" I have enclosed some pages. There are many names of places which resemble "Scheyern". Whether they all go back to the tribe of the "skis" would in any case have to be verified. For most, this should be true.

Unfortunately I can not give you any further information. As indicated earlier, you could try it in the parish Pobenhausen whether the name "Scheyrer" existed around 1800.

Greetings in your devotion P. Anselm Reichold

Small note from me
Rolf sent the letter in 1992. The answer is dated to the 9th March 1994.
That shows research of ancestors is nothing that can be quickly done.
Good things take time.